1/32 Mercedes Benz SSKL

The price for this model, is very tempting, even with the type of discounts I get. But why am I getting this now? It was sitting there, gathering dust in the old Miniature Hobby shelves for years. I have my own reasons and it is not something I would like to tell on this blog. But for decades, I have seen these models for sale and I was never attracted to it, particularly since the SSKL was 'rare'. And to tell you the truth, I have no desire or any feelings in acquiring these vintage car models.

That was, before "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" came out. And by then, to me, these cars, are appealing. But with minimum fenders, that is.

Anyway, with the 1/35 or 1/32 idea in my mind coming
up, this car is ideal for the project. I was figuring that the
model would be built as is, maybe a GPS system on the
dash to make it more updated. The plan is that this car
belongs to the Pub owner who restored it and kept it
safe throughout the war. Now, it is his personal vehicle.

So, after taking off the 'factory' plastic seal, I decided
to examins the box more carefully. I mean, anyone
nowadays can 'factory' seal a box. What I was afraid
of, were missing parts.

OK, so this was made in China. But if memory
serves me right, it was made in the UK during
my time. Weird. But with the Matchbox logo in
the front. I could not be a duplicate, right?

The side details on the box were, according to
my memory, was accurate enough. This was, I
think, Matchbox's way to compete with Airfix
by using a three colour plastic sprues, which at
that time, was unheard of. Later on, Bandai
took that concept to a new level with their

OK, so the sprues looks 'OK', I think. And the
instruction sheet is a bit funny but then again,
I have never bought this model kit at that time.

What the heck!? Chinese? Oh no! Now I can't do the
model! Just joking. I still have
my Wife to translate...
But Googling for its history has reavealed some very
interesting facts. Maybe I should take a closer look
at my SSKL model, for it could be an 'original' afterall.

Well, well, well! It has six wheels! OK, so the two
were spares and meant to be placed at the rear,
but six wheels! Woo hoo!
[Update 02052011]

Apparently, this is the real thing and yes, its actually made in China. After looking at the sprues, there were two that have their 'Made in China' words covered up. Unfortunately this was not done very well and so, with a play on lighting, you can see the works. The question that I have now, is, are the plastics made of inferior quality or is it still the same?

I am not an expert on this and since I do not have an 'original', it is hard to answer. Still, during the process of making the model, I noticed that it is very 'weak' at certain parts. But then again, where thin areas are concerned, this is normal, even on the modern kits today. Oh well, just get it done....

As you can see from the half covered blob, the word
China is in there.

And the same can be seen from this sprue where
it was covered up.

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