Rimless Humvees

Passing by Hobby HQ, I noticed that two of the the
Academy's 1/35th scale rejected Humvee was still
sitting behind Mr. Low. This was because the box
had double sprues packed into it in place of the
missing sprues. This means a lot of extra parts
for a kit-bash but because the missing sprues
contained the wheels, it was practically not
possible to complete even one Humvee. I
offered to take off his hands and as a reward,
it was sold to me with a very heavy discount.

But, after a much closer look, this kit has an
extra wheel rim which acts as a spare tire.
Doing, the math, one Humvee has an extra rim.
And each box has a duplicate rim, I can use the
extra four rims to make one complete Humvee.
But Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not my plan...

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