With Wife being away for a short course. I am stuck with the task of getting dinner. And so,
for tonight, I was supposed to take-away some food. However, when I came back, the house
was empty. Apparently, my Parents took the girls to the new shopping centre which ironically, was within 300 metres of my Office. And they bought dinner too because they forgot about the plane of my buying the dinner. What a waste of money and throughout the whole evening, I was giving everyone the cold shoulder. RM38 can buy a lot of things such as:

1) 7 plates of chicken rice.
2) 3 packs of condoms
3) 6 lunch-time Big Macs
4) A NERF gun
5) Some toys
6) Enough petrol for trip to nowhere, and so on.

So, in the end, we ate the friend chickens I
bought and the fried rice they bought.

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