I bought a House!

Finally! After much searching and planning, I finally committed to buying a house. The seller promised that the documents would be arriving in three week's time. Yes, it has come to a point that one must buy a house during the lifetime. Not because its a 'must' thing but to me, it feels quite like the natural part of Life.

However, when one buys a house, there are problems such as location, access and more importantly, the price. Its no point getting a nice house but in a remote part of a remote area. But still, after looking at this house, I am convinced that it is the right one. Also, this is something, which in my very personal opinion, a decision which I do not have to inform my wife. Really. And what's more, its actually a corner lot which means I should have a big garden too.

And so, after three weeks, the package finally arrived.

And from the stamps, you can tell its a very old
house and so, it uses 2nd class service. Why, I
have no idea myself.

Buying a house is a very serious matter and so, the
buyer has decided to send a scale representation
of the house before-hand. Just to make sure that
the Customs are not fooled, this is really not a toy
for a very serious subject.

And there you have it, folks. My very own house!
this scale model, when built up, will represent
house that I will be getting.

For a beginner modeler like me, this is going to
take some time building it since I am not very
knowledgeable when it comes to vac-form kits.
But I can tell you that the material is thick
styrene, and has a lot of details, something
which is very uncommon based on my experience
going through vacu-form kits.

Sadly, as I go through the kit, I realised that the house I bought had some minor defect as seen in the scale model. The back part of the walls have crumbled and there is no roof. Its as if a bomb has exploded near the house. So, I have to decline this purchase and make do with the model kit instead. Then again, the cost of daily commute from Hungary to my Office will kill definitely me not to mention the arduous travelling time.

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