Its almost there...

With the component list fully made up, its off to the shop for them to pack for me. Here, I got a nice surprised as he called me up while I was at a customer's and ask, if I wanted to put all the components into one big bag or, have them packed into bags, for ready individual person because from the looks of the list, he suspected it was the latter. Usually, shops do not do this as they just sell you the stuff and then that's it. So, there you go, guys, this shop is very different. Yay!

Here is the shot of the components being packed
into individual bags. This is for the first soldering

When I left them, they're still packing the stuff,
even when it was their lunchtime.


Delete said...

Hi, I'm Sarah

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CFC said...

Hi, sarah,

Wow. nice photos! You are very talented!