Kristine's Drawing

Me: What is this?
Kristine: It's a Unta
Me: What is Unta?
Kristine: Dunno
Me: Why you tick Unta?
Kristine: Dunno
Me: Unta is Malay for camel. Is this a camel?
Kristine: This is a cow
Me: So, why you tick Unta?
Kristine: Dunno.

After that, with her homework finished, she asked me
what drawing I like and so she could copy it for me. I
chose 'Hello Kitty' but she refused because it was hard

So I let her draw her own and this
this is what she came up with. I
must say, her drawing has clearly
changed again. It has evolved.

Yeah, she is please. Looking
at this picture, she looked as
if she is Kaelynn and vice versa.

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