SFTPMS LED Workshop Session 1

The Session for today is part 1 of 2 and so, I had to be there early to set up my stuff. Raymond was there and he was very helpful in making sure I did not have any problems setting up. Not only that, he has cleared the workshop just for these two Saturdays.

This was how it looked like before the class started.

Time for a break. My Mom packed some lunch for
me, which I misheard and thought it was bak-chang.
When I opened it, I have never seen a bak-chang
made in this shape and covered in pandan leaves....

That's when I realised, this was the Petai and prawn
sambal made by my Sister in Law weeks ago, and this
was the last one from the fridge. Knowing the fact if I
ate this now, I might get some very serious stomach
ache. But the petai was too tempting.... And it was
still not enough. Together with Razman, we went to
a reataurant where I had rice with dhal. Yum-yum!

Raymond has kindly supplied a lighted magnifier
for me just in case. It was very helpful later on. I
did use the CCTV camera for close-up soldering
but I think its resolution was not great enough
as when I looked at the screen, it was still very
blurry. Maybe, one day, I'll get those higher
resolutions one but then, it would be a waste
since I don't think I'll repeat this workshop.

By about 1445, all the members have arrived and
were setting up their equipment before the session

The first exercise of the day. Soldering practice where
each member has to solder five sets of resistors and if
there are any mistakes, they have to try again.

They have to do this before starting on the real
Projects where Failure was not an Option.

The act of soldering produces a lot of fumes and so,
Raymond demonstrates how an air-
brush booth
can be used for this purpose
as not only does it
have lights, there is a
suction fan too.

For those who have made too much mistakes, they
have to remove the solder and resolder again.

Once that is done, with almost everyone having a
go at soldering, it was time to try with the first
project, which is a simple LED tester.

To some, it was difficult because the solder pads
in the boards were designed to be more compact
than a normal PCB. This was so that I can yield
more boards from a master size with minimum
cost. Loo CK was the first to master the kit.

Followed by Kenny

Then Harman


Sonny, then Raymond and followed closely by
SACC33 and his wife.

All in all, it was a good day for the session and its still too early to get the feedback. But I think I did overhear about someone raising this workshop and going to a bar or something. Weird.

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