An evening at KFC

Right after the Workshop, I had to rush back to the house as we need to buy some workbooks for Kristine. But because I was driving like a snail, it was too late and we changed our plans to have dinner at KFC. It has been quite some time since we all ate together at KFC and so, it was agreed.

What I hated was that since we do not come here
often, the menu literally changes everytime we
are there. And so, it was a tough time choosing a
package which is just right for the four of us. So,
we settled for some mixed original and spicy 9
chicken pack with cheesy wedges. I feel funny
saying this.

I gave Kristine some skin from the Hot & Spicy
and told her it was not hot. Which, she took it
and agreed with me. She also agree that when
she does not like a certain hot food, it is hot...

It was time for another round of fries which
I included this weird cheesy volcano which
was nothing more than a hollowed out sausage
with cheese/herb mixture in it. Its crispy
on the outside and well, cheesy on the inside

And the girls really 'love' it. Yum-yum. Ha ha ha ha

Finally, their faces showed how much they liked
this trip to KFC.

And well, the night did not end there as after coming
home, they changed to pyjamas and then it was time
to relax with the air-con blasting away. I am not sure
if they ate the cucumbers after that, though.


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lol Im up late blog surfing this post made me hungry. ha take care

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