Kaelynn's Drawing

In the last few moments, Kaelynn decided to follow Kristine and I for the Martial Arts Class. Before I would let her follow, I asked her what she wanted to do to while away the time and she answered that she wanted to do some drawing. So, after she has collected her stuff, we started our journey.

Kaelynn looking for inspiration for her next
masterpiece. She is very similar to me but
there is a slight difference in the sense that
I dig my nose instead of scratching it...

I like her style. This is a far departure
from when she was 'copying' Kristine's
style. Here, there is a bit of a similarity
because Kristine drew in that style too
but when you look at the faces and head,
this is very much her style.

Her next piece was to make a house. Which, is very
pretty too. But because of the fan above us, it was
very hard for the house to stand upright.

Next, she wanted to draw
good. How?

Like this, lor...

Yep, this is her house and she wants to give it to me.

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