Trip to The Curve 24042011

By hook or by crook, we need to go to Popular bookstore so that Kristine has enough workbooks to prepare her for her coming exams. Initially, we drove to Jalan Tun H.S. Lee since Popular's website listed it still as one of their branches. How wrong we were because by the time we arrived, the building, which was called Wisma Wawasan, looked very run-down and from the outside, crowded kiosks meant that the is a very high chance that the bookstore is no longer there. So, once again, I have to keep my guard up with local websites which have problems when it comes to regular updates.

By the time we reached The Curve, it was already raining very heavily to the point that it was a very good idea to give up and go home just in case one of the trees get uprooted by the strong winds. And looking at the sea of cars queuing at each parking entrance, it was already very discouraging for me. That was, until I remembered that there is a car park still 'unknown' to a lot of people at one of my customer's office. What was so appealing was that once we entered the building, it is connected to the Curve's Cineleisure and IPS (new name for Ikano),

After buying all the books, it was time to go home but
before that, we used the normal way of escalators so
that we can have a look at other shops on the way to
the bakery located in the basement.

Someone has successfully turned bread into the
new black. And boy, it looks unique but for the
price it is asking, I decided not to get it. And it
was displayed out on the open, near the doorway
which, well, like any other curious person, they
would be picked up, smelled and subject to a lot
of fondling which, in my terms is not delicious.

Luckily, the girls passed and went on to normal pastry.

One for the road...

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