Team Building Seminar

Sometimes, I really like Seminars/Training like these, so long as I am not asked to participate. Ha ha ha ha.

But in reality, these are usually a very good exercise to get to know your colleagues better and also, form a closer bond, which usually lasts for weeks. That is, if the seminar was good. When I was with my first job, these seminars are very effective and well, the result speak for themselves. They used emotions and also, force teamwork on you.

So, this one is about Change.
Change improves your lives.

Change is very difficult to accept and
not many people realise the need.

In the long run, change is good for you.
Its not the result but the journey that
benefits as a whole.

Sadly, as a Banana, I could only understand 5%....sigh. Luckily, I more or less know what's its all about as I have experienced it before. How I wished I could go 100% instead.

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