Lim's Last day

Today is Lim's last day and well, I do feel sad because of that. This means that he will not be there when I needed him and I would have to start all over again with the new team. But anyway, since it is his last day, we'd just have to make the best of it.

And I was happy because while I had my ass chewed off, one of (Lim's) team came over and announced the last minute farewell celebration. And so, we went to this very nice place...

Although I was late, at first I did not take much
notice about this dish, thinking it is some cute
ice-cream wrapped with something.

So, the first one was yellow and this one was
green. That's all I can tell.

While our Guest of Honour was 'busy' some
cheecky bugger decided to start the event
but cutting the pan cakes.....

Wowee geezy! Its cream filled with Durian!

And this one's mango! This is great!

And what's more, my Mango shake
is actually done from a real mango!

And so, I decided to look at their menu again

And again. This is great. After the dessert 'dinner'
everyone took away 2-3 of those Durian and Mango
Pan cakes. Me? I got some white show thing for my
wife who is not feeling well.

'Tim Ban Goh Goh" in Cantonese. And all this
while, their HQ is in Kepong, and it was very
near to my old office.Sheesh. Anyway, I really
have to bring my Wife here for Dinner one day.

And when I came back, dinner was awesome but
I chose the oily Angel Hair fried with black bean
and two oven roasted chicken wings.

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