Going to LCCT and Kota Kemuning

Would you dare to go to these two places with less than 3 bars left on your fuel tank? If I divide all the 7 bars on the fuel gauge, think its about 3.76 litres per bar on average but this is wrong method. From experience, I think the three bars might be 10 litres. From KL to LCCT, its already 70km and from LCCT to Kota Kemuning, its another 56KM, which makes it 136Km, something which on my Satria, I could be about 30 Km short. But I decided to risk it anyway because there is a Petronas just before the LCCT.

This driver was smart enough to avoid the
wheel clamp but was not smart enough to
realise that he has killed some grass and
made the place muddy.

On the way out of LCCT, there is a shortcut now and
you do not have to go back to the roundabout which
is quite far.

Unfortnately, towards the end of the shortcut,
there is always a jam.

Not only did the bright spark closed the other lane,
they put a double speed hump too.

OK, one bar gone and so far, so good.

Let's take a break and stop by the roadside

Whoa! If only I brought my Nikon D50 and
the 70-200 Zoon Lens...

By the time I reached Kota Kemuning, the
tank was empty and its flashing me the
"Last bar before car explodes" sign.

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