Durian and Homework

OK, my Sis came back for the weekend and luckily for her, there were some Durians for sale. Which indirectly means, we have Durians too. Now, both girls are at the age where they have started to appreciate Durians. Phew.

To tell you the truth, not many people like Durians because of their smell. But we're so many Generations into this country, the Durian to us is just like truffle to the rest. It is not easy to describe the Durian as it has been called the King of Fruits at one end and a rotten cheese custard on the other.

So, if you're new to the Durian, it might take some time to be familiar with it and once you have gotten over it, well, you'll be like us; going crazy over it.

And so, we had D24, Kucing something and the
rest were something, something. Heck, all I know
is that there are Durians on the table and I am
not going to care which species it came from.

Years ago, if I held it in front of her, she would
not even look at it. But now, Kristine can whack
one Durian like any normal kid. Here, she is
showing everyone how eating Durian can
boost one's multi-tasking abilities.

In the meantime, someone
is having a ball reenacting
a scene from 'Tangled'

Nom... nom... nom... nom...

Kaelynn meditating, trying
to lift the Durian out of the
bowl in front of her...

OK, with the Durian inside the stomach,
now she can concentrate on her work

As for me.... well, its Durian with rice. Yum.. yum...!

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