1/32 Datsun Bluebird

And so, a 1/32 scale Datsun is my purchase for the day. My only reasoning was that it would look good in a 1/35 scale diorama which does not even exist yet. The problem with scale models is that none of the 'fit' (in my case) when it comes to ideas.

For example, I have some 1/35 figures that will be used in a 1/35 house, which is ideal. But then I discovered none of the 1/35 figures has a motorbike license and so, I cannot use the 1/35 bikes. Sure, you can drive a 1/35 tank or even a 1/35 Jeep but in peacetime, you need to drive a 1/35 civilian car, which, sadly, does not exist.

And so, this is where the 1/32 scale from Arii comes in. It will be slightly bigger when compared to a 1/35 figure. Heck, everyone likes cars with roomier interior anyway. Arii created about 64 cars under this Owner's Club range and for a kit this size, it is very detailed. The reason why I chose this particular model is that it is a bit ridiculous for everyone to drive a sports car just after a war or something. You can even see this on architectural models where all cars are either a Porsche or some Mercedes or something. Never a real civilian car.

But then again, if a manufacturer did sell model car kits, 'normal' cars would not sell well. Anyway, here is a brief look at the Datsun Bluebird...

When I first held the box, it was very small, as if this
kit was really 1/43 instead. I am not sure why I chose
this model but in my head, all I could think of was the
taxis or cars used in those Indian movies. But then,
those were Ambassadors, based on some Morris if I
am not mistaken.

This is basically everything in just one plastic
bag. But don't be disappointed, OK?

Because when you look at the details on the model,
You will be very very happy.

And once you have built one, you will want to look
for more. And for 1/35, they are ideal for adding
into dioramas (provided its Japanese) where normal
folks drive normal cars. Or just use it as a rusted junk.

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