The New TOS Cylon Basestar Part 1

Hokay. I am happy. No, that's not right. I am over the Moon. Why? This is one of the times I am very happy to receive gifts even though I did not expect it. And this will be a very special one because its from SFTPMS as token of appreciation for the two Lighting Workshops conducted over the last two Saturdays. I was an unexpected thing and so, I don't have no fotos to show yous, of da one I gotten di kit.

The Model is one of my favourites in the BSG
World because well, I just like the shape.

I do not have the original model with me and so,
I cannot remember the changes brought on to
this new model. But in this instruction, this is
something I have not seen from the old kit.

I am not sure about these parts either but they
look quite nice.

And definitely, not these 5 parts which is on
the neck between the two saucer halves.

Still, these new parts look very nice and well, my
brain is going crazy trying to think up of a way to
light it up even though the original model does not
have any lights.

Anyhow, I have passed this kit to a friend of mine, who has the original (complete) set and he will do a review on it soon.

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