1/35 Ma.K Nutcracker

This is another gift from a friend. When he first asked me if I was interested in the Nutcracker, I took a quick look around his place and said, 'No'. I said No not because I was not interested in it but I sort of knew what is going to happen next.

And so, after much friendly arguing and pushing, it was mine, whether I like it or not. And it is free, as a token of my contribution for the Forum and THE workshop.

I can tell you that this is my second Ma.k kit, with the first being the 1/20th Falke. The Nutcracker is actually a 1/35th model. This was way back in the 80's when Kow Yokoyama created his Machinen Krieger series, and the only available scales were the Tamiya's 1/20 F1 cars and the 1/35 Military series.

So, using parts from various plastic models, Kow created his masterpieces. Also, this was how Star Wars models came into being too. Nitto originally came out with the injection plastic kits at that time (and I was too young to appreciate them, being 'dirty' and all compared to those 'clean' WWII models from the Tamiya catalogue) but this time, Hasegawa has the license to do them. And The Nutcracker is their fourth model so far.

Once again, this box is huge, and I told my Wife,
it was a gift and I did not buy it. However, I am
not sure of she believes me.

In brief, this Nutcracker (originally Nutrocker) is a
which is designed to destroy armoured suits
or 'Nuts'. I was told of some reason why it cannot be
piloted by humans but I forgot. Something to do
with radiation.

When you open the box for the very first time, you
will be amazed at the size of the kit. It is huge.

The kit is huge, mainly because of the 'main body'.
It comes with 5 plastic bags. All in all, a very simple
kit to assemble. But somehow, I have no inspiration
to do them just yet. Still, this is a nice kit because it
also have parts to build two 1/35 Armoured suits,
namely the Gustav and Melusine.

And if you're a Star Wars fan, by now, you will notice
the similarity in the base of the Nutcracker which is
very similar to Boba Fett's Slave-1.

But let's not rush things. I still have the Falke to start off with. Yep, I am slowly going back to model kits again. Something to take my mind off a lot of things.

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