Freezing the Enterprise Part II

OK, so after leaving it in the freezer for a day, it was time to see the results. The theory is to let the water seep into the model's cracks and gaps so that when the water freezes, it would expand. By doing do, the stress from the expansion would then force the super glue to fail...

And so, the Enterprise is taken out of cold storage...

At this stage, I was very tempted to just put
this in my drink. But somehow, the very idea
of being choked by a warp nacelle or have my
throat ripped open by the secondary hull is
not a good idea afterall. No amount of coaxing
can get them out from the butt either except
by surgery.

OK, the first casualty was the warp nacelle which
failed to separate cleanly into two pieces.

And the Secondary hull was a disappointment as
well. In the end, I had to try an pry it even further
but after thinking much about it, its best to leave
them alone for a while.

A call to Bruce later yielded more information; I am supposed to do this repeatedly, something which I am not too keen as I notice some paints are actually chipping off from the model. So, what else can be done to separate these parts?

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