Poo-poo killer in a can

Years ago, I've been collecting these metal containers. They are actually air fresheners which usually, comes in very handy after you made a very bad poo-poo. With just one press of the finger/elbow/nose/forehead, a slight mist is released and within seconds, the whole room/toilet/car/underwear smells nice.

Whatever it is, everyone still knows you made a bad poo-poo.

And you can see these little things everywhere, especially in a company toilet, housed in a little two piece plastic case and double-side taped to the walls. And then, you will notice something about these little things;

1. They're always empty
2. When you release it, the fumes are uncontrollable (see Point #1)
3. No one ever replaces them

Still, this is great news for me because, I get to *ahem* liberate empty ones on every toilet I visit...

So, why the fascination with these little metal containers? Because they looked great as fuel containers or other stuff when it comes to Science Fiction scale modeling. At that time, all I could think of was that it will look great on a 1/100 Gundam model. Fast forward years later, I still do not have a perfect Gundam model but I can tell you that it would look great on a Gundam...

Anyway, this is how you would 'clean' the can.
Make sure the contents are empty just in case.
You do not want to have shrapnel embedded
in your face, as this is very embarrassing when
going through Airport Security. Anyway, take a
pair of pliers and carefully crimp and twist the
top part until it breaks as the metal cap is very
soft. And stop smelling the expired fragrance
otherwise people would think that you have
an extemely bad case of poo-poo in your nose.

Because it was my first time taking it apart, I
was afraid that I may have spoilt the can. But
on closer look, I saw the rubber seal which tells
me that the cap can still be taken apart further
without totally destroying the can. I was right.
And so, there you go, a nice clean poo-poo killer
taken apart.

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