The Police torchlight

After lunch, I decided to walk around the area for awhile and I stumbled onto this very nice torch. And I thought to myself, "Perhaps its time to get another torch." since its already time to get another torch. The weird thing is, I actually agreed to it since it was based on two factors:

1. It is black in colour
2. It is the last one.
3. It has a very funny lens.

And I am never wrong.

And so, for Rm14.80 plus a few cheap ringgits,
I got the torch and some suspicious looking AAA
batteries. Suspicious because anything from that
shop comes from China. Direct 2 U.

It was then when I examined the lens closely
did I notice its 'features'. Wow.

When you pull the lens away from you,
it sort of magnified the LED inside.

And when you push it back, the torch goes to
normal mode. Don't understand?

But here is the effect.
This one is when I pulled
the Lens outwards

And this is when I pushed
it inwards.

Which is fine until I showed this to Kenny a week
later and he turned the lens upside down. So, when
you pulled the lens away from you, this is what you
will see....

And t hen there is the thing about its switch. Press it once, you have a very bright light. Turn it off and press is again, the light is now half the brightness. Turn it off and then press is again, the light works, then does not work, then works, and does not work, then works....

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