Today is a special day at Hobby HQ because of SMM '11, organised by SFTPMS. This is the day where all models, after months of hardwork, is submitted and judged. This is also the day which is, the day after yesterday, which was, the day I wanted to come over, which is, Saturday.

I had helped a member in lighting up his Titanic model but because he comes from the North and needs to go home on Sunday, my golden opportunity to meet him was gone. But nevertheless, it was a very good eye-opening day.

The first thing I saw, apart from
other human beings there, was this
rapid prototyping machine.

It was printing a scale model of the Starship Enterprise

And the amount of detail produced was amazing.
Unfortunately, the member responsible was not
around as he was manning a booth at ITEX.

There were a few models which caught my eye. One
of them is this garage diorama. Its just so realistic.

There are lights for this and they are located on the
wooden beam. Unfortunately, when it was switched
on, the batteries got very warm which indicated there
was a short somewhere. But because the owner was
not around, we decided not to touch his diorama. I
also wished the fan in the beam could turn too...

Then there was this tank which sunk into
the bog. Its very nicely done too.

And it looks very real. However, at this stage, I
need to remind you that you really had to be
there to appreciate the models since the pictures
even from my n8 does not justify the end result.

Another model which I liked was this Harrier. Not
because of its size but the amount of details put in.

Just looking at the engine, ou'd never believe it
was a scale model.

When it comes to planes, the only part that I loved
was the cockpit. And just
because of this view, I
was very very
tempted to get the same kit and do
the seat.

But then again, I would never be able to accomplish
such feat since knowing me, I would just read the
instruction sheet and then complicated thoughts
such as "what if" would come in and then I would
mess everything up.

Another model of interest here is this model
where it is in 'disrepair'.

I really love this shot because he even detailed the
interior compartment and it looks so realistic.

No,your eyes are not deceiving you

It actually is a bird's nest

Then, the Pizzas arrived and well, no need to
ask anymore. Just dig in!

And this is also another reason why Domino's
are much better than Pizza Hut. Just look at
the quality of the pizza's base.

And a certain Mr. enghui also brought his cake.
Which, was not only delicious, but well, you just
had to be there, la.

The weathering on the Land Rover was amazing.

And this, folks is how a Falke looks like and looking
at it, mine is just well, going to be an uphill struggle.

The entries this time was very very good and so, the
Judges had a very tough time awarding
the points. By
now, HHQ is getting very stuffy.
Someone became a fan...

Vince won a lucky draw prize

Judges announcing winners of the Lucky Draw.

The winner of SMM '11!

For me, the real highlight of the day was actually
this rapid prototyping machine. The member
came back from the fair was there was enough
time for him to demonstrate the whole setup.
What you see here, is the machine on the left
and a Notebook controlling it.

The results that came out from the printer is
very precise. Here is a small pill box sample
the cover fits into it snugly and the
material used is ABS.

After a few minutes, the chosen model to be
'printed' is almost finished.

Never ever touch this part as it is very hot. The
white substance protruding is actually

There is a reason why it needs to be scraped off
the platform but I cannot tell you here.

Because this is the product from a certain model,
the end result is very rough and therefore, you
need to clean it up a bit. The orientation of the
model is very important and needs to be set
prior to printing or you will end up like this.

The Green Lantern ring was finished seconds before
HHQ had to close up for the day. Unfortunately, it
was big enough to fit into my... pinky. Still, this is
a very interesting route that I might venture into.

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