The 1/24 Hughes 500MD

Well, I tell ya, sometimes, there are things that makes you really want to kick yourself in the butt and also, at the same time, shout with joy. I think you know that feeling very well: Its like you competing with your arch nemesis to buy the only rare model kit left in the shop. But you lost because you were RM10.00 short. Then your arch nemesis discovered his new model kit has a missing part which you happened to have in your collection. And that 'sometimes' happens to me today.

I was still in the Ma.k fever and so, the egg shape of the Hughes Helicopter attracted me. And you guessed it, I tried to get them in any scale possible, short of remote control ones. It all started with a 1/48 from Academy and ending with a 1/35 from Dragon. However, both models were not enough to satisfy what I had in mind because they were, well, a wee bit too small. Then one fine day at Hobby HQ, as I was going to the washroom, I spotted this model kit.

Yep. A 1/24 Hughes! Hidden in one corner reserved for Chinese-made kits, which no one even paid any attention.

This was made in China and its box was so small,
think it was a 1/48 kit instead. And for the
price, it was
on par with the 1/48 Academy.

And I can tell you that this is a very big kit.
However, the quality of the kit leaves a lot
to be desired but then again, for Ma.K, it
is not supposed to be shiny or new, so
this is perfect.

As I am not an expert on the Hughes, this joined
pilot seat makes me think about the kit's accuracy.
But as I have said again, this is not important.

Want to see how big this kit is? Let's
measure the 'teardrop' cockpit.
On the top is the 1/24 (5.5 inches)
while the middle is the 1/35 (3.75 inches)
and the bottom is the 1/48 (2.75 inches)

Here is another comparison. This time, its with
the 1/20th Falke. Yes, big isn't it?

And the funny part? No one would suspect that the
box on the left housed a 1/24 helicopter.

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