Friday Night...

What do you people usually do on a Friday night? Movie marathons? Sleep overs? 48-hour Internet Surfing? Extreme pillow fights? Beer binging?

For me, this was a first because right after dinner, I decided to go to the Curve. And the most surprising thing was, Mommy agreed.OK, OK, it was planned all along but no one else knew about the plan except me since I planned it...

The girls are ready for dinner, right out
of the shower if you want to know.

So, their hair was really wet. So they
kinda looked a bit moody.

Or maybe it was the fact that Mommy is
serving curry chicken, the type which I
loved, and the ones they cannot eat.
Too bad there's no french fries around...

By the time we rushed them and got them ready,
it was almost 9-ish when we reached Ikano, which
is now called IPC or something. And what do you
know? They're having a Movie Carnival! Here.
they were posing wit the Smurfs (but they do not
know who or what they were)

But they do recognise Alvin from
Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Or maybe it was because of the big
banner/poster behind them.

The real reason I needed to be there was because of
Richard. I have completed his Borg cube and he needs
to display them on his shelf because this week's Movie
Carnival theme was Sci-Fi.

Lots of star Trek related merchandise here.

I like the painting of this nuBSG Battlestar Galactica

It was rumoured that the Ikea's restaurant was
closed because of some Halal issue. Fortunately,
this was not true and alas, I was too full from the
curry dinner to try the meatballs. Then again, its
almost closing time anyway and it is not wise to
stuff 10 meatballs into your mouth in 5 minutes.
I mean, what would the kids eat?


Claire said...

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CFC said...

Thank you. So sad to learn of your home. But you are so strong!