Visitor from Australia

Ok. so one of the girl's favourite Auntie is back and when she is back, you can expect a lot of things. Namely chocolates. But that is not the point.

When she is back, its a great excuse for another fun family gathering. Yep. I love that.

And also the chocolates. I love that too.

And so, everyone gets to have fun

One of the girl's cousin, who is now able to walk,
shows off his new hat.

But his elder brother is one
step ahead with the glasses.

Then its Kaelynn's turn.
Awwww.. she's so beautiful!

After playing with the glasses, fav Aunt brought
out the goodies for everyone. One thing I noticed
is that when everyone comes from Australia, they
bring chocolates. Lots of chocolates and most of
them does not even exist in Malaysia. Take this
Kinder Bueno for example. Its very small, almost
to the size of a 50 sen coin. And if you were to get
one here in Malaysia, its the size of an egg and well,
take it or leave it.
Time for dinner... and they could
not keeps their hands off the food...

Ahem... the Real Gentleman

Finally, its time to say goodbye to fav Aunt as she will
need to leave for the flight home soon. So, the girls
gave as much hugs as they can.

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