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Blogger has changed format and its very difficult for me to get to the normal layout which I am accustomed to. This is very noticeable in the photos caption page. Also, the more important thing is the date and time format which is lost and I have to once again, rifle through the photos for the actual day and time of events. Sheesh, Google.

And so, right after the trip to Toys r Us, our next destination is very important. We need to get some things to 'update' the place to a better spec since it was neglected for years. And not only that, there is a time limit before the CON goes away. Since Houz Depot was nearby, we decided to take a looksee.
As you can see right now, the girls are getting very very hungry. So I had to get them something to eat while we continued with more shopping as we could not put it off anymore.

This one how much? Expensive!

This one how much? Expensive!

This one how much? Expensive!
This one how much? Expensive!
In the meantime, the girls were left to their own devices, much to the consternation of the sales staff walking around the place.
Ah, this is good price. What do you mean 'Out of Stock'? This demo unit cannot, ah?
Beeswax for Bruce but this is obscenely expensive. I mean, RM68.90 for one tub when he got it for much cheaper elsewhere. However, both of us now realise that there are more than one 'flavour' such as 'Jacobean Dark Oak', and 'Antique Pine' apart from 'Natural''
This is a very nice design and I love the way the bed WILL be mounted. Unfortunately, the price does not include the mattress. And so, it will be nothing more than a useless hunk of wood and leather (sour grape mode)
This one how much? Expensive!
Yes, if you think that's what they're trying to do...
Dinner time and its off to another locaion, which is the PJ Seafood. which is located 'behind' Houz. OK, a few hundred metres behind Houz Depot.
An right, away, for some weird reason, you can see that the place is in Full House mode. With so much people in there, it was so difficult to get a table let alone navigate our way through the crowd. And surprisingly too, the service was fast and efficient as well.

V r hungry. Want food now! nom nom nom nom
Soup. Nom nom nom nom
Weird mee hoon. nom nom nom nom
Weird prawns. nom nom nom nom
Weird piece of paper. nom nom.. OMG!

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