More stuff from Pasar Road

Just want to show you some of the stuff I got from Pasar Road a few days ago. Actually, it was not impulsive buying but more like stocking up for the future project plans.

On the left is an 8-pin SOIC to DIL adaptor while on the right is another project box.

The reason I got this was I could foresee myself dabbling into the SMD version of the PIC chips and so, since it was right there in front of me, I got it. But thinking back, if I were to get it from the Internet, I could have saved about 40% but at the risk of getting the wrong item.
This is the first time I bought this 'T-box', outside from my usual electronic shop as they ran out of stock. Yes, I have actually lost my CCTV mkII tester right after I resigned from the last job as I could not remember nor locate the damn thing. All I know is that its somewhere, hiding in the house, with the corrosive battery juice leaking....
For this money I paid for, this casing can be considered splash-proof. Please understand the difference between splash-proof and water-proof. I am (maybe) going to make another CCTV tester which looked water-proof but is in fact, splash-proof.
Hey, what do you know... a battery compartment for a 9volt battery. But alas, the metal contacts does not come with the box and if I really need it, I can tell you that the monkeys in that shop could not even find one because battery contacts do not have standards in theri sizes.
OK, this is what I think was the plans for MK.III. There are more details to it and some improvements. Don't ask me because I lost this one and 'forgot' to 'scan' the original.
This is one of the plans for the MK.II because there were a lot of variations to the design, which until know, I am not even sure which is which...

And so, with these two items now with me, I am confident that if my plans go well, they will be used to their maximum capacity. In actual fact, I should try out the SOIC to DIL adaptor right now. yeah, right now. This means, I have to order some chip from the manufacturer, right now. Yeah, right now.

That is, if I want to be killed by the HM. Work comes first. Right now. Yeah, right now.

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