2nd Hand Cars

I got in touch with another SFTPMS member, by the name of Lucas, who is starting his hobby again after a lapse of so many years. He mentioned that he knew me when I was still hanging around Miniature Hobbies in 1-Utama in the late 90's. The funny part was, I don't really much recall his face since I was always there, looking at the models instead of people.
Reflecting back on this, I think I could have missed out on meeting a lot of people who could have steered my life. And then, maybe not. Anyway, the reason I met him was he had some old partially built models which he wanted to get rid of and so, I was willing to get some from him since I am still at the Ma.K craze. Hey, getting 2nd models for kit-bashing is like eating your own organic vege you bought from your neighbour.
These are the two models, both in 1/24, wiht one from Hasegawa's PERT's Misubishi EVO VII and Tamiya.'s Ferrari F40
The EVO is a beginning built stage and so, I shall leave it alone for the moment since I suck at cars.
The Ferarri F40 on the other hand, is almost completed and so, its ripe for my evil plans...
Just looking at it, I already have ideas. Such as, making this as truck, for farmers...
But in reality, I am thinking about its engine, which, can be a part of a building detail
Anyway, its going to the 'to-do' bin for the moment as there are more important stuff on my mind...

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