New Waja Tyres

New Waja 'tyres' for my weeks old shoes

Yep, its Waja brand. Never heard of it? Me neither. As long as it works, I am ok with it.
[22042012 1925]
Not sure what happened but this new format is really screwing up with my post. Sheesh, Google.

OK, I need some traction for the shoes because of some stupid embarrassing side-effect; I keep sliding around on the office's floor. Everyday, its like working in a skating rink, where every step I take, I have to adjust my center of gravity and hang on to table edges. So, I have to do something about it, and that something, is to have a RM35.00 so-called upgrade.

Yep, an upgrade which costs 50% of the price of the shoe. In other words, I had some anti-slip mat glues to the bottom of my shoes...

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