The Action Base

I got this Keiko Action Base from Hobby HQ today and at a very good price too. However, because of my scepticism of possible Chinese Made items, I was not very happy to buy it in the first place for I always suspected that this could be copied from either Kotobukiya's Mechanical Base series or Bandai's, famous Gundam stands.

But what do you know. After checking on the Internet, this is the real deal, and is actually an original model! Shame on me for being such a skeptic.

When I first saw the model, it looked very big.
Here you can see how big and bulky it is, when
compared to a 100Plus can.

The reason why it is so big was due to the set of
sprues which has a lot of chunky parts.

What is so impressive is that these parts are quite
detailed. And just look at the example above.

Not only that, the base actually
allows you to recreate it in either
1/144 scale. or... adding a few more parts,
its upgraded to 1/100 scale,
which is bigger

Well, sadly, that is all the time I have for now, so its going to the 'to-do' bin, OK?
Work, work, work...

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