New foodis

This caught my eye while I was hunting for some tid-bits to eat. I am reverting back to this habit because lately, I have been driving a lot and so, there is not really a good time nor reason for lunch.

So, now the Delicia series has come up with the Waffles to complement their Toast ems

From the outside, the waffle looks quite inviting. Since I am not sure of how it would taste like, I decided to play safe and chose vanilla.

I should not have bothered. Although the smell is good, the whole waffle was so dry, I felt as if I was eating paper pulp.

Luckily, I still have a backup but this package looks a bit weird, its like 'Looks like it, feels like it but it not it'

Yep, its not it and I cannot remember which is the actual brand. If you go around looking for these, they have the ssame design but different names. Very very weird.

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