Wolfpack 1/32 F/A-18 Ejection Seat

I got this from Hobby HQ the other day. My guess is, its been sitting there for ages and I did not take any notice until I started to explore the counter since there were no new arrivals for some time. This is a resin kit from Wolfpack, which is for a 1/32 F-18 model. But to me, its a good enough seat for my kit-bashing projects. There was another ejection seat, which was for, I think, for a AV-8B Harrier but I was too late to get it because it took me days to make up my mind. Anyway, I got this pack, which is for two seats and with the discount given, it was worth the price...

This is for a F18. The reason I got it was because there was talk that the new Battlestar Galactica Viper mk.II were using such seats but was heavily modified. Being in itchy finger mode, I decided to get one, but not for the Moebius Mk.II Viper model kits. These seats are so beautifully detailed, it would be a shame to waste it. I like how they pack the parts in a very tight blister pack. Simple and (maybe) cost effective.
For RM59.90 (before reduction) , these are the parts you get. The only problem I can see so far, in my limited modeling experience, are the problems in shaving off the square resin base.
You can see the fine details of the models and just leaving it as it is, its still perfect. As there are no bubbles in the casting, the quality speaks for itself. I have left this at the 800x600 resolution for the all the pictures here for you to look at the details close-up.

Since this is a 1/32 scale seat, when I put a 1/35 figure on it, it looks quite alright. But in actual scale, the seat would look slightly bigger to the figure. Then again, what do I know about ejection seats...

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