Well, this is the first time my Yahoo! Mailbox got hacked into. And its very easy to know because your friends would be calling up or SMS-ing you asking about YOUR latest E-mail (which, as far as you know, you did not send, of course)

And here is the text that was sent to everyone in my Yahoo! Address Book:

Just listen. I realize it feels as though I'm trying to avoid you, but I've been using something on my own for extra money and now it's making a lot more than my old job. Try this thing and you definitely won't be sorry. It really is right up your alley. Just try it for a couple days so you can find out for yourself how easy it truly is. Whenever I read this site I really wasn't able to avoid wanting to try it. I finally bit the bullet and I couldn't be happier. Work at it and keep the success story to yourself for that first couple weeks. I showed a couple good friends my third check and from then on they absolutely would not quit annoying me about this until they eventually achieved it themself. It really feels so good to be able to wake up when you like and have absolutely no boundaries on how much you will make. You could thank me by buying food and drinks. http://dsnv.phoenix-cnbc.net

sheesh. Someone go do a DOS on that site, please. I can pay you. Really.

[2012 Update: Not really. I dun work no more.]
23042012 Fuck you Google. Your Post settings made me lose this actual Date and time. This is somewhere in November 2011. WTF.

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