The 1/32 PLAAF Mig-15 bis Fighter

This model, ah, haih. Everytime I look at it, I know its not going to be completed anytime soon. Its not because of the quality or that its made in China. Its not even about the 1/32 scale which is huge. Its just that its not easy to kitbash it. When I want the tools, its packed away somewhere else, and when I want to glue it, I have forgotten to buy the glue.

But in reality, what is staring at me in the face is indecisiveness; I do not know what is the final outcome of this model, so I cannot shape it nor have any further plans than to stick some random parts for a what-if scenarios. Stupid, right? It also because with the hectic work and family schedule, my brain is really fried.

And so, this is the PLAAF fighter. Sounds like Pilaf (OK, so I am getting hungry)

For this price, the model is generous with parts especially since about 80% will not be used.

The plane actually sits one person but here, they have two pilots (not very detailed) and two sets of seats.

The engine and the exhaust looks quite nice though but its not for this project

See how big a 1/32 model is
And so, for the moment, its into the 'to-do' bin but its the most frequent model to come in and out of the bin, though. Any inspirations for this model, hmmmm?

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