1/35 USP .45

Got this from Hobby HQ today. Its actually the USP .45 handgun in 1/35 scale from Trumpeter. This is something unusual as no Model Kit manufacturer has ever done this before. Usually, small handguns such as these comes in the same sprue as the 1/35 figures and IMHO, they're usually the 1911s. So, if  you want the handguns, you need to buy the whole figures and all. And so, Trumpeter decided that its time to change the rules of the game.

But its too early for Trumpeter to tell if they scheme works. I mean, there are so many other handguns and this could be a problem if customers buy one model more than the other.
Each box has four sprues

And each sprue has the USP in various situation from being holstered, to having add-ons, out of ammo or just by itself.

Looking at the details, its just worth the money. Somehow, I wished that they also come up with revolvers too.
But then again, it could be a problem when one model is more 'popular' than the other. And everyone, except the customers, would be left with a logistical problem. Now I see why other manufacturers don't do it. Nice idea but expensive in the long run.

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