Too Fast, Too Furious

Whenever I need to get to KL fast, I would use the SMART tunnel which shaves a lot of time. And in order to get to this tunnel, there is a route I must take and its a very fun route. It has a very nice downhill curve and also a model 'S' bend afterwards. It was fun except for this morning...

... as I entered the curve, there were a lot of cars. I could not drive fast because of the a lot of cars. So, with the a lot of cars, I have no choice but to be one of the a lot of cars.

Hang on, is that construction ahead? Because this guy is taking some traffic cones...

Can't see what was the cause but now, the one sided lane is now worryingly becoming a side lane lane.

OK, now we have a clearer picture.

Someone came down the curve too fast and in a too furious way, by the looks of it.

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