18060211 Going to the Sb. Buloh Nursery

Ultra HM has decided that today is a good day to... get some green thumb stuffs.

And so, when Ultra HM says so, Ultra HM said so.

Everyone has to 'Make it so'.

This is the place where the operators are required to move out because its unsafe. Right. All the while, they were safe for 17 years. You can Google for information and make your own mind. Politics for me, is boring.

It is also the place where you can get a lot of plants and flowers for your gardening needs. Its like (OK, what the normal Politicians would say) the Flower HUB of Malaysia
For the girls, its like a flowery wonderland.

This is just me, testing out the Panorama software, shot from my Nokia n8

The girls were literally running up and down looking at all the flowers and we had to keep them in check because of the traffic and also, potential insect bites, which are not commonly found at home.
Man, this is going to be fun...
Kaelynn with an impromtu puppet show
After that, it was lunch in Kepong. Unfortunately, being slightly after lunch hour, and on a Saturday, its not easy to look for food. And no, we do not want KFC or Pizza Hut or MacDonalds.

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