Survival Science Comics

Because Kristine's mastery of the Bahasa is weak, I decided to get her some locally translated comic book since I noticed that she like to read books and ones with pictures. What I got her was the Survival Science Series, which has been translated from Korean. This edutainment combine science facts with comics so that its easier for children to learn stuff. I think the series is still being taken up with the company, Gempak Starz but it still very hard to get them

This is the problem with them as when you need to get some books, there are the usual problems I faced:

1) Availability
I need to scour/hunt/ a lot of 7-11 shops, Popular stores and those mamak bookshops before I can find anything. And when I do, its always...

2) Two Languages
Most of the titles come in either Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or in English (they usually come out later, or not at all because I cannot find them). I like to ready them in English because a sudden change in language is a real mindfuck.

So, because I want to get a title, I have to choose between English or Bahasa and if I want to get both in a set, I have to choose any title. Which is very difficult as my main aim is for Kristine to read the page and then use the other book as a rough translation. A very bad idea since the Bahasa version tend is not the standard I expected.

In the end, it was Kaelynn who hungrily pored over them
This was the only title I could get that comes in two languages
See the differences in the translation?

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