Boxing Day Gas

The next thing on the list was getting some cooking gas for the kitchen. This is so that we can cook some simple stuff instead of going out to eat whenever we were here. Although its a no brainer to get this set up, you really need to follow some instructions. And as it was my first time, I forgot to RTFM....

Anyway, to get this done, we have to gather a few things:

1. A good LPG regulator
2. A good rubber hose
3 A sharp cutter, and
4. A good sized screwdriver which does not wear on the screws

When I said 'good', I mean safety approved products. Trust me on this, sometimes, there are things you cannot save money on. So, don't scrooge on this at the cost of other people's lives.

OK, I decided to go Ah Beng mode with this and got a regulator which has a pressure meter. In the end, since the LPG cannister was hidden in a corner, it was pretty useless to read the meter... haiya.

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