Lunch at Tmn Seputeh

For lunch today, we decided to eat out at that famous restaurant in Taman Seputeh. It was recommended by a very good relative. When we reached that place, I realised that I have come to this place years before. As in before we got married and before we knew each other. This was the time where I hang out with my ex-friend Chi Ming because they served very good Hokkien Mee at night. But during the day, it was another restaurant...

Before the trip, while waiting for everyone to get ready, Kaelynn kept herself occupied.

I have no comment...

OK, Kristine's new hairstyle is a bit unsettling

As for Kaelynn, she just ate
The dish there was quite nice, especially that la-la meehoon. Also, the staff there were doing their very best to serve us as well despite some initial mix-ups. So, would I go back there? Yes.

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