Nokia C5-00 Software Upgrade

As with new phones and all, there would be always the chore of upgrading their firmware, software, this ware, that ware and their wears. Long ago, when you buy a phone, it stays being a phone and not some spoilt little brat that demands your time and effort to make it stay being 'in'. Its like a little Diva Tamagotchi.

But whatever it is, we would still comply because there is this need of not being left out of the technological crowd. I mean, you do feel bad if the office cleaner also has your phone and is two software upgrades higher than you. In fact, you would feel so underachieved and next to useless. In fact, you might even think that the office cleaner will be promoted over you.

But in this case, I just want to upgrade it for the sake of answering my curious nature on how a sub-RM1000 phone can be, well, not ignored by Nokia.
Done. And well, I am impressed. But before you do anything, you MUST backup your phone. That warning is not just to make the monitor pixels work harder for no reason. And oh, don't do it when you know you're about to sleep and there is a big meeting/job/work waiting for you in the morning. The chances of shit hitting the fan or rather, the chances of you feeding the shit into the fan and blowing it back at you is very much higher.

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