AFV's 1/35 M35A2 2½ Ton Truck

This is a 2½ Ton Truck. Why on earth did I get this 2½ Ton Truck? If you ask me, my answer would be, "I absolutely have no idea". Maybe its the tires that made me do it. Or maybe, its because the slimness of the box which I could not believe there was a 2½ Ton Truck inside. Whatever it was, I got it. Right in the middle of a Hobby HQ sale. Or maybe, to be more truthful, since everyone was buying stuff, I got desperate and bought a kit for the sake of buying a kit. Yeah, that would be it.

But then, why the Hell did I spend so much time choosing it? That's the problem with me. My mind was so occupied in trying to empty out the technical contents and trying to accept the new ones or, trying to flush all memories, I think I have become a nutcase instead. Everytime I was at Hobby HQ, my mind wanders, looking at model kits to and fro on each shelf, thinking of the kit-bashing possibilities (but in the end, you know as well as I do, they all end up in the to-do bin).

I think it was the number of parts for the given price that got me.

Or was this the real reason? The way the wheels were beautifully arranged.

OK, maybe it was the chassis that got to me. Either way, I bought it.
And so, after looking at the kit, it is very nice (this is me trying convince myself) but yes, its going to the 'to-do' bin once again. Seriously, with my worrying over the current customer, I am in no frame of mind to do anything else apart from worrying. Stupid but that's just me.

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