Driving all the Miss Daisy-ses

Maybe I am a good guy at Heart. Or maybe, I'm an idiot. Then again, I am not sure because I felt it was both and then some. What I did today was basically fetch three relatives from Damansara Heights, Ulu Klang and Ampang to visit my Mom and then drove them all back again. If you ask me even now, I could not answer you.

But I am very sure it was not the case of 'Mouth first, think later' but more of ..erm... never mind.

It was so hot today, poor Hydro-woman was gone in minutes

In the end, the three ladies enjoyed their trip and I get free lunch too. Still, two of them were very helpful when I was just a small kid. In fact, they were too helpful but then again, looking back, I am grateful for their assistance.

O nom nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom
So, when someone says 'Yes' without thinking or even offer his help which, you think is too good to be true, that's me. Its a sincere gesture with no strings attached. That's me alright.

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