Moebius 1/32 Cylon Raider Part 005

Because of  the size of the PCB, right from the start, a normal 18-Pin DIL chip is out of the question. This is because the chip is almost the same size of the PCB. And so, I have two other choices, which is either the SOIC or the SSOP package. I chose the SSOP package and proceeded to order it from Microchip directly since there are no shops in Pasar Road that have them.

In in just three working days, the package was delivered to me (from Thailand)

And so, there it is. With Microchip, there is no minimum order but with the shipping charges, it makes sense to order a lot from them

And so, I ordered 20 of the chips in SSOP packages

And there you go. It fits the mock-up PCB nicely.

I shouyld have taken a 18-pin DIL for size comparison too. But the SOIC (left) is more than half its size. The SSOP (right) is the one I ordered.

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