Something nice from Preview

While at the Comic shop, I was browsing through the Preview magazine/Catalogue/Book-thingy and came across some very interesting times for sale. However, these items are not easy to obtain and the end result is usually more painful or blood-vomiting experience. Yeah, blame it on the Customs.

First off is a very nice figure but do look closer at her weapon

Looks like a NERF Maverick Rev-6 does it not? Will they get sued by Hasbro?

Nice idea but I do not know much about this Deadpool character

Hokaaay... another Hayne's manual. With their Star Trek Enterprise trash, I am not sure if I am interested in this

A very nice Hand gun from the game, Gears of War. It will never get through Customs and if you smart alecks say otherwise, be prepared to pay through the nose.
Speaking of which, the Lawgiver MkII was available too. But i just do not like the grip area. So, I'll pass as I very much prefer the Lawgiver from the Stallone flop.

On the other hand, the Judge helmet is quite nice as this version is very much like the ones you see in the 2000AD comics.

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