02022012 Headmasters at Amcorp Mall

Just a quick one at the Amcorp Mall. Why I was there, I cannot remember. All I know is that they have some vintage Transformers at the counter, especially the Headmasters series. I liked the headmasters series because of the cute little figures which transforms into the robot's head. When I first heard of it decades ago, it was in the form of some Japanese candy which allows you to build the toy and the figure. But I could not remember if they could transform or not. All I noticed was the head itself. That was my first encounter.

On my second encounter, I missed it because well, I was overseas studying. They had just phased out the Headmasters and planted something awful in its place. You know, the ones where transforming robots hid inside some flexible ugly looking shells.

And so, for the very first time, I am holding a Headmaster in my hands.

I think its name is Duros. And the transforming is simple.

This is the back, where you can see the head being upside down

Bend the legs (painfully) forward and its done

Now Duros becomes Hardhead's head. RM200, please
I was very tempted to get at least one of those toys seeing how much they can get from eBay but my common sense tells me, RM400 for a head and the useless body? No way. And so, this, I think is my third and final encounter for the Headmasters. I try to convince myself that its not worth it.

[Update: 28062012]
Looking back at the photos, sure, its nice but the chrome in the joints have gone and is now rusting

Good Lord, Marvel's Icons Iron Man resprayed. And you know how bad paints sticks to vinyl. And with me having one , the price they're asking for is likely to spoil your day.

Captain Scarlet hidden in there....

So far, the shop is doing well, I think, but...

Here is a new player three floors below...

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