Ize Kream & Sleepz


Its a hot day today. And when its a hot day, I buy some ice-creams for them

And after that, its sleepy time all the way home.
When I was a kid, there was no such thing as ice-cream treats or the chance to ride in air-conditioned buses. I mean I am not one of those "I used to walk 10 miles to school everyday" students. This is a City and the chances of you doing that is very small. Moreover, if you try this now, you're going to get robbed/hit by a car/bike/running dogs, etc. or worse, get lung problems from the Haze which is becoming more frequent.

Anyway, once school is over, the bus is already there, waiting. Trying to beat the crowd at the Ice-Cream bike or the Cendol line means sacrificing a seat on the bus since everyone is rushing to go home. So, you have your choice made very clear to you.

But with the current Generation, its either the Bus or the Parent's car.

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