Kaelynn's day

With my Mom still in the Hospital and everyone is paying attention to her, I wonder how the girls are taking it. So, today, I am observing Kaelynn.

Kaelynn woke up at the same time as Kristine, who by now, is putting her uniform on.
But for Kaelynn, its either extra minutes/hours of sleep or follow me to drop her sister off at school.

Then its a cup of warm Milo which I make for her. Sometimes, I will cook some pasta too.
But usually, its just Milo

I try to get her to eat something as well since I do not want her to follow my habit of not eating breakfast since teenage.

Oh yeah. Just look at her. She is so excited about the food, she can't wait to finish it all up

After that, it was time to help me with the Laundry.
Today, she has a new interest.

Once everything is done, she is left to her own devices until Happy Hour arrives

Happy Hour?
Its the time where she gets to go to school, of course!

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