A little bit of Yes and some Aahhh

While the PCB design is being sent to be Prototyped, my orders for some of the components are starting to come in. I have to order them because I cannot get them here. Even if i did, I could be paying a lot more for it, accept their ridiculous MOQ or even, wait for them to order for me.

This is the most anticipated package to arrive.

Yes, its the SOPP to DIL adaptor (background).
At the same time, the SMD resistor arrived too.

Aw, hell! The adaptor is wrong! Guess I'll have to order again.
In the meantime, this is a SOIC to DIL adaptor which is quite useful too.

A clearer picture.
The PCB is very small, and both the SMD resistor and the chip fits.
I was so overjoyed with this that if you look carefully at the last photo, there is a very obvious mistake which I did not realise until weeks later.

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