NERF Vortex

OK. Finally, my second NERF for the year. Its a NERF Proton, which shoots discs instead of the usual darts. The Vortex is a single-shot weapon in the Vortex series. And well, the reason I got this was because it was being sold at a very attractive price when compared to the ones being sold in the shops.

Anyway, this is the box for the Proton and surprisingly, its quite small.

Once you open it, you're presented with the Proton which, makes you think, "If this NERF or some Sci-Fi gun?"

Once you open it that is... blast these stupid paper strings

To be honest, the grip feels so good but I still prefer it to be slightly thicker at the palm area, near the thumb.

Wha...? I thought the paper strings were bad enough but this warning too?
OK, OK. Its for people like me who never RTFM.

Anyway, pull out the tray, slot in the disk.
Bear in mind that the Proton has a lot of safety locks.
If the drawer is not it, it won't fire.
If there is no disk in the drawer, it won't fire.

To close the drawer, you need to gently rock the lever located on both sides with your thumb. Its not a safety lock.
The drawer will then close. This is a clever feature I supposed because you need the thumb to be there when the drawer closes instead of being a target for the drawer's pull ring.

I do not like the front view of the Proton but then, because its shooting disks, it has to be wide.

The Proton is very short but still bulky.

This is the close up of the disk.
The edge is mode of some soft foam

Yes as you guessed it, the middle part is where it carries all the weight

So, why do I get one? The answer lies in the design.
Side-wise, its beautiful but if seen from the front or top, its too wide.

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