Meat Ants

When I menrtioned about the Ants, they are not your ordinary Ants. For decades, we were used to those 1.5~2mm light brown Ants which always go for the sweet-stuff. But since 2008 or so onwards, the larger 4~5mm black Ants are seen instead.

Want to know what's so weird? Its not because of the theory that the smaller Ant's lease is up and the larger Ants took over but, is this a new species or just muscling into the territory?

Anyway, these new Ants prefer meat more than your normal sugar stuff. This is because anything that has certain meat or something, they're there. Cooked meat are their choice but I am still a little unclear of their preferences as you can see from the photos below. They even went for live maggots too and sometimes, lost the fight. And if you plonk some sugar, it would be their last choice.

Oh, and one weird thing. Some of them love to hang around the water jugs. They were either running by the side walls or in the water. Its as if they're undergoing some sort of trial to become a full fledged Ant or something. Most of the time I have to fish them out with my pinkie and flick them to the wall. Most of them, when the water disappears, walked away....

The friend chicken the left alone but the gristle, they went nuts over it

Not sure what this was, but it was a real group effort.
One day, I am going to see where their nest lies...

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